Your Tribe - Chantel Allen Life Photographer
Stopforth2015 (29)

Designed to capture both your individual personalities and your family dynamic, with a bit of posing but as candidly as possible. Not so much your traditional family shot, not much structure, and way more art. 

All packages come with session time, digital images, personal use copy & share agreements, and a password protected online gallery.

Minimum of 40 digital images, typically outdoors, and about 30-45 minutes of shoot time : $550

Minimum of 75 digital images and more of a story-tellin it like it is vibe. Extended shoot time or multiple locations, and a wardrobe swap : $750

Follow Me sessions start at $1800, are fully customizable, and come with a keepsake album.

What’s a “Follow Me” session?

These are full on story telling sessions. Like, you’re stuck with me as a fly on your wall (but don’t worry, I am not all annoying and talking your ear off. I want you to go about your biz). And before you give me the “that’s not for me” look let me explain. I want to be there for morning breakfast, afternoon routines, evening walks and bedtime wind downs. I know what you are thinking… Do I get the meltdowns? The bumped heads? The sibling rivalry? The occasional teen talk-back and eye roll? The unkempt house and dishes in the sink? Yup! I sure do! But you know what else I get? The sleepy eyes in the morning and the pillow still pressed where they laid their little heads, the pick up at school or after school sports all with smiles for jobs well done, the little looks you give your significant other and sneaky embraces that are fading now that your littles are growing up… Things you don’t want to forget that are all happening so fast like the way they hold their forks when they eat or the way their pjs fit- or how their tippy toes hold them up while they brush their teeth. Favorite blankets, toys, pastimes… TRUTH: Everyone has hesitation and thinks this session is not for them. I mean, I even start to wonder myself how that would be… BUT IT IS. It IS for you. It’s something you didn’t even know you wanted until you had it. I promise. 100%.