Pure Photo Journalism - Chantel Allen Life Photographer
BabyJoe2015 (29)

I tell it like it is. A story snapshot a day in the life of you. Planning a lazy Sunday morning making breakfast? Afternoon outing or trip to the family park? Soccer practice? Dance class? Dinner and game night? Some people hire me for a couple hours, others for a full day right up until bedtime rituals like brushing teeth and reading books. I am a fly on the wall while you carry on as if I'm not there. I can come and go throughout the day if that's easier and these packages are all custom tailored to your needs/wants.

These sessions are becoming ever more popular. In a world full of cell phone images stored on a giant hard drive its nice to have a professional capture these special moments in time (with YOU in them!). Make a coffee table book and enjoy it for years to come! 

Packages starting at $949